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Public Grounds

Public Grounds, Sidewalks & Streets

Crime on our side walks, streets, back alleys, and parking lots are no longer infrequent. Every day People are killed, beaten, and bodies dumped, these areas become contaminated with blood and bodily fluids. This opens the public and environment up for potential health hazards. Important measures should be taken for remediation, and critical steps could be missed by the untrained individual. Soil contamination has the longest persistent potential for harboring bacteria and viruses. It is our job to make sure fluids are completely and safely removed from these areas.

BIO-HAZ REMOVAL SERVICES Inc. and technicians are compliant with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 1910.1030, EPA, Federal and State Health and safety codes and procedures to insure your property is properly cleaned and disinfected. All environmental hazards are safely removed and disposed of in compliance with the Medical Waste Management Act.