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Why Bio-Haz?

You probably already know, police and crime scene investigators are first responders who perform crucial tasks, but they don’t clean up. Only certified, professionally trained technicians should perform biohazard remediation services.

Why? Strict laws, State and Federal; mandate the removal, transportation and disposal of biohazard waste, crime scene chemicals, hazardous materials or articles that have come in contact with all of the above.  It is against the law to place any of these items in city trash; all are potential health hazards.

Why? When death or severe injury occur; blood, bodily fluids and tissue are present, and may contain pathogens known to cause infection and disease.  All contact leads to exposure and cross contamination, putting yourself and others at risk.  Bio-Haz technicians are trained and certified to safely recover and remove potential hazards and perform site decontamination.

Why? Fluids and tissue are not always visually present. People can unknowingly walk through crime scene debris, and their next step could leave a trail of disease and viruses.  Bio-Haz uses state of the art technology specifically formulated to locate and remove biohazard waste.

Bio-Haz Services are necessary generally covered by insurance policies; homeowner, renter, business, and automobile.  We will confirm coverage with your agent.

Bio-Haz Removal Services is preferred by many insurance companies because of our proven expertise, prompt professional service and reasonable rates. (We cooperate with all insurance companies and adjusters to insure complete processing and payment of your claim.)

We provide discreet and efficient service to families, landlords, and businesses 24/7 365 days a year.  Our central location, allows us to dispatch a mobile response team to your area within hours.  Upon arrival technicians will secure the trauma site, assess and establish a cleanup plan.  BIO-HAZ REMOVAL SERVICES works on your behalf every step of the way. We notify your insurance agent and begin the claim process. BIO-HAZ REMOVAL SERVICES Inc., complies with OSHA, Federal and State Health and Safety Codes, and Medical Waste Management Act.