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Foreclosure Cleanup

Foreclosure Cleanup

Foreclosures are not easy for anyone. Families are forced to move out of their homes and periodically are physically removed by authorities. Most foreclosed properties are intentionally damaged and left in unsanitary condition. Families are enraged and strike back with hideous, offensive acts of revenge. Prior to departure, the property gets destroyed; rooms are often soiled with feces and urine, pets are allowed to run rampant in order to escalate the damages. Banks and realtors are faced with these appalling conditions and the unpleasant task of resurrecting the property to a habitable condition. This is not a task for the average cleaning service or general contractor.

Warning, when property is contaminated with biohazard waste, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and infectious disease. MRSA, Staph, SARS, Norovirus, E. Coli, and Salmonella are present in these conditions.

“STRICT LAWS mandate the removal, transportation, and disposal of hazardous materials and waste.”

Our certified technicians are trained and experienced to perform biohazard cleanup and decontamination of foreclosed residential and business properties. With new technology and EPA certified equipment, that will destroy 99.9% of all deadly bacteria and viruses, including fungi and mold, we are able to go beyond surface cleaning. Call today and learn more about our services. Bio-Haz Removal Services, Inc., and technicians are OSHA compliant, and meets all EPA guidelines for disposal of infectious material.