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Finger Print Powder Cleanup

Finger Print Powder Cleanup


When crime has invaded your home or business, police and investigators are first on the scene to conduct a thorough investigation.  And, in the course of their job, it is often necessary for them to utilize “Finger Print Powders”.  Finger Print Dust requires immediate attention to prevent it from spreading to other rooms and ventilation systems in your home or building.  Cleanup is difficult because of the variety of powders and their chemical makeup. (Direct contact may cause: skin and eye irritation, and respiratory issues.)

The cost to cleanup fingerprint powder will vary according to the extent of the rooms affected. Crime scene cleanup work is generally covered by insurance policies and you would only be responsible for your deductible.

We are a professional crime scene cleanup company; our technicians are experienced with finger print dust remediation.

BIO-HAZ REMOVAL SERVICES Inc. and technicians are compliant with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 1910.1030, EPA, Federal and State Health and safety codes and procedures to insure your property is properly cleaned and disinfected.  All environmental hazards are safely removed and disposed of in compliance with the Medical Waste Management Act.