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About Us

About Our Bio Hazard Cleanup & Removal Services

BIO-HAZ REMOVAL SERVICES is family owned and personally operated.  Our business began when we realized people left in the aftermath of tragedy needed assistance from caring, compassionate and professional people with personalized services.

We are a company with integrity, education and a conscience.  Our associates are sensitive to the needs of grieving families and prompt to staff the location.  We know that our connection to you is the result of a tragic life altering event.  In the aftermath of tragedy our service is essential.  And because the nature of these issues is so compelling, our team is experienced with the turning point’s related to sensitive discussion topics.

Our team has helped people in similar situations since 1999.  And with a strong desire, will continue year after year to provide the best service.  We are a team of professional people who truly care about your condition of happiness and good health.  From our family to your situation, we believe. .